6clicks for Startups:
Grow Faster. Grow Safer.

6clicks provides startups with an easy-to-use and powerful platform to address modern compliance and risk-related obligations.

Inbound risk assessments slowing down your sales cycle?

6clicks is designed specifically for startups that want to significantly reduce the
burden of inbound cybersecurity assessments so that they can streamline their sales cycle and
scale faster than their competitors.

Proactively Assess Your Risk Posture

Select the cybersecurity assessments that align to your business and sector and proactively assess your company.

Create Custom Profiles Using 6clicks Trust Portal

Share your self assessments and related documents and create custom risk profiles for different products, services and markets.

Provide Your Clients Access & Instill Trust

Provide prospective clients with access to your profiles and show them that their security is your priority.

The 6clicks Trust Portal reduces inbound assessments by up-to 70% in four easy steps

1. Self assess your company

2. Create your profile(s)

3. Share with your clients

4. Build trust

So if your team is inundated by inbound cybersecurity assessments, create your free 6clicks account and take the pressure off.
You'll also be able to assess your own third-parties via the 6clicks Risk Assessment Module, as well as
access best practice assessments and policies in the 6clicks Marketplace.

Explore the other applications of 6clicks

Assess Third-Party Cybersecurity

Directly address imminent third-party cyber threats, not a spreadsheet.

Respond to Cyber Risk Assessments

Start using digital risk assessments for a modern approach to cybersecurity.​


Easily conduct Modern Slavery assessments of vendors in your supply chain.

Privacy and
Data Protection

Adopt a holistic approach to issues of data protection and privacy.

Bribery and

Reduce your risk exposure to instances of bribery and corruption.

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