Unlock unique insights with 6clicks and Microsoft Power BI

Deliver insightful reports to your clients that lead to real improvement of their business, increase your status as a trusted advisor and develop a long-standing partnership.


Get the most out of your 6clicks data with Microsoft Power BI

Use the powerful analytics provided by Microsoft Power BI to visualise assessment results, compare the results of client or third parties, and establish benchmarks. In addition, report on a variety of other risk and compliance data.

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Impress your clients

Show clients their individual results and how they compare against others in their industry.


Provide evidence-based advice

Use insights to spot trends and provide evidence-based recommendations for improvement.


Develop relationships

Establish your status as a trusted advisor based on real data and real conversations.

Custom Dashboards

Create your very own dashboards with data visualised the way you like it. Dashboards can show both the results of assessments and the utilisation of your intellectual property including which assessments templates are the most popular with your clients.

Status Reporting

Get the up-to-date status of all assessments across your clients right down to each third party and the number of questions which have been answered or not. Also, deep dive into any individual assessment to look at the details.

Benchmarks and Roll-ups

Establish benchmarks using ‘weighted’ assessments and compare scores across clients and third parties. Also, evaluable traceability of assessment results to compliance requirements (provisions) and roll-up scores by domains and/or for each assessment.

Example Uses Cases

Pandemic Exposure Assessment


Complete assessments of clients and third parties using our weighted 6clicks pandemic assessment template or create your own.

Cybersecurity Maturity Reporting


Complete assessments of government departments and agencies and their third parties (including associated government entities) using our risk based VPDSS assessment template.

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Protect clients with your best advice

Talk to one of our team members to learn more about how to get access to your 6clicks data via Microsoft Power BI along with our reporting templates.

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