Creating trust with every client interaction

Designed specifically for businesses that want to significantly reduce the burden of inbound cybersecurity assessments, streamline their sales cycle and scale faster than their competitors.


Simple Client Onboarding


Exclusive Marketplace


Custom Branding


Simple Client Onboarding

Generate qualified leads and referral income from each client signup using our unique referral model.


Exclusive Marketplace

Own and operate your own exclusive marketplace with your best-practice content.


Custom Branding

Customise your 6clicks instance to reflect your latest company logos and branding.

Features for enhanced client management

Green envelope with official guidance from service provider

Simplified Digital Risk Assessment

Issue maturity and risk assessments to support initial self-assessment benchmarking and lead generation.


Define Custom Assessment Logic

Create custom risk assessment and risk management logic to support specific use cases.


Collaborate in Real-Time

Digitally embed your services into your clients' risk management and compliance workflows.

Screenshot of the policy manager module inside the 6clicks platform for automating risk assessment. Visually map policies to specific question controls

Simplified client onboarding

Centralised onboarding portal for service providers.
Track every client and any outstanding requests or assessments.
Capitalise on qualified leads.
Earn referral income when your client signs up.

Exclusive client marketplace

Create and monetise content with ease.
Maintain exclusive ownership of your valuable intellectual property.

Custom branding for Linhone Legal Group

Custom branding

Use custom branding to ensure 6clicks matches your company style and creates a seamless user experience for your clients.

The applications of 6clicks

Modern Slavery

Directly address imminent third-party cyber threats, not a spreadsheet.


Cybersecurity & ISMS

Directly address imminent third-party cyber threats, not a spreadsheet.


Third-Party Assessments

Start using digital risk assessments for a modern approach to cybersecurity.​

6clicks Platform login page with Vince Lombardi quote in monitor

Protect your client's data with confidence

Use 6clicks to identify, manage and mitigate your exposure to your third-parties’ cybersecurity risk profiles, and confidently protect your client's sensitive data.

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