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6clicks is an easy-to-use platform for service providers to earn referral income, help businesses address regulatory compliance and risk-related obligations and strengthen client relationships through the use of technology.

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For firms that understand the value of trust

Designed specifically for service providers to support their clients in proactively managing their risk and compliance obligations. 6clicks offers service providers a turn-key and highly flexibile technology platform that they can provide to their clients as part of an engagement or service offering.

Earn Referral Fees

Provide clients with their own instance of 6clicks and earn a referral fee through our unique referral model

Client Management

Centrally manage all clients from one single dashboard and access their teams to support their risk management processes


Monetise your IP

Create best practice risk assessments, policies and control sets and provide them directly to clients via your exclusive 6clicks Marketplace

The applications of 6clicks for Service Providers

Modern Slavery


Cybersecurity & ISMS


Client Assessments

Finding success with 6clicks

Preparing for the future of Risk Management

Trust is a core tenet of the work Lander & Rogers do. They work alongside and on behalf of their clients by using 6clicks for digital risk assessment, third-party auditing and internal policy management.

Genevieve Collins
Genevieve Collins
Chief Executive Partner, Lander & Rogers
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"Lander & Rogers has had great success using 6clicks to streamline our compliance with cybersecurity obligations – a sphere of risk we take incredibly seriously. It means they’ll be working closely with our lawyers to co-design risk solutions that promise profound benefits for our clients – in areas ranging from whistleblowing to modern slavery laws".
John Doe
John Doe@username
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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Designed to support your success

Track and manage remediation in line with your managed service offerings ​

Monitor and manage your clients from one centralised and easy-to-use portal

Earn referral income when your clients upgrade their account​

Capture real-time client aggregate data and create industry-wide benchmarks and indexes

Operationalise static knowledge and monetise your best practice guidance​

Establish a private and exclusive marketplace​

Market and price your unique content or IP at your discretion

Support and collaborate with your clients throughout the risk assessment and risk management lifecycle

6clicks plans & pricing for Service Providers

Service Provider

For firms looking to offer superior compliance and risk assessment solutions to their clients

A$129 /internal user per month

  • ALL the 6clicks features, including...
  • Your own unique referral URL
  • Exclusive marketplace for delivery of your content
  • Easily service your customer base with 6clicks
  • Customise 6clicks to match company branding
  • Aggregate reporting across customers
  • Integrate with Microsoft Power BI

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