6clicks Compliance ProofTM


Our integrated solution to provide proof and transparency.

Trusted by startups worldwide


6clicks runs on a blockchain based protocol that helps provides immuatable reference to the fact an assessment took place - regulatory proof.

Showcase your proactive approach to risk management

As regulation continues to expand and compliance-related risks faced by directors and boards increase, there’s an opportunity developing in the shadow of trust – proof.

Leverage the latest in evolving security technology

Businesses will increasingly rely on their ability to prove and independently verify an assessment was undertaken.

Use Compliance Proof to demonstrate you actually did it

Provide prospective clients with access to your profiles and show them that their security is your utmost priority.

Understanding Chainpoint for 6clicks

Originally created for sustainable supply chain security, we use a protocol called Chainpoint to take a hash of the meta-data associated with an assessment, which then returns a timestamp proof.

A Chainpoint node receives hashes, which are aggregated together using a Merkle tree algorithm. The root of this tree is published in a blockchain transaction.

The final Chainpoint proof defines a set of operations that cryptographically link your assessment data to the bitcoin blockchain.

Power of a Timestamp Proof

Connecting you to those you can trust, with tools you can trust.


Provide timestamped proof of assessment changes in real-time


Keeps your sensitive data safe by only tracking assessment metadata


Create comprehensive reports to share with boards and regulators

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Protect your organisation with the proof you need

Use 6clicks to identify, manage and mitigate your exposure to cybersecurity risk profiles, and have confidence in your information security framework.

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