Sending Assessments to Vendors and Third-Parties

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Sending an Assessment to a Vendor/Third-Party that does not yet exist in 6clicks

When sending an assessment to a vendor/third-party, there are two ways:

1. Respondent Verification = ON – you nominate an admin user for the third-party you are sending the assessment to

2. Respondent Verification = OFF – the first user to sign up to admin via the URL you send to the respondent becomes the admin user for the third-party Team you are assessing

By default, Respondent Verification is OFF. See the video below on how to turn Respondent Verification on:

Sending an Assessment when Verification = ON

Step 1 – Create Assessment

1. Click New Assessment button

2. Select a Template or Create New Assessment from Scratch

3. Type the name of the Assessee (vendor/third-party to be assessed). In this article, we are creating a vendor/third-party that does not yet exist in 6clicks.

4. Type the name a new Product if required

5. Select the type of assessment (if creating a new assessment)

6. Click Create

Step 2 – Verify admin for vendor or third-party team

When Respondent Verification = ON, you are required to nominate the admin of the new Team.

To do this:

1. Enter the email of the nominated admin – this will most likely be your key contact of the vendor/third-party you are liaising with

2. Click send – they will receive an email with a link that takes them to the sign-up page of their newly created Team

When the nominated admin receives the email, they are then required to sign-up to the tenant:

1. The nominated admin clicks the link in the email

2. The nominated admin is redirected to the sign-up page of the newly created Team

3. When signing up the nominated admin MUST sign up using the email address the sign-up email was sent to

4. Once they sign up, they will now be admin of the Team

Once the admin of the new team has signed up, the status of Two-Step Respondent Verification will change to Validated:

You can now Publish the assessment and generate the unique Assessment Web Link

Once the assessment has been published, the administrator of the Team you are sending the assessment to will receive an email saying that an assessment has been sent to them. The administrator can click on the link and they will be navigated to the assessment.

The unique Assessment Web Link can also be shared if need be. The Web Link will take users to the login page of the vendor/third-party team to access the assessment and if they do not already have a user account, will be required to sign up. To do so they must click the Create account button. Note that any users that sign-up will need to be accepted by the administrator of that team before they can login.

If they already have a user account, they can log in straight away and access the assessment.

Sending an Assessment when Verification = OFF

Step 1 – Create Assessment

See instructions in ‘Create Assessment’ above

Step 2 – Publish Assessment and send Web Link

Change the status of the assessment to from Draft to Approved to Published to generate the Web Link.

Once the web link has been generated, send it to the primary point of contact of the third-party/vendor that is to be assessed. When they click on the link, they will then be required to sign-up. The first user to sign up the third-party/vendor team will be the admin of the team. Once they sign up they will be redirected to the assessment.

Once the Team has an admin, any other user that sign up to the team in order to respond to the assessment will have to be accepted by the team admin