Improved Third-Party/Client Management Functionality

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Managing Third-Parties/Clients has become a whole lot better!

Removing Third-Parties/Clients

You can now remove Third-Parties/Clients from the table by selecting them using the checkbox in the table and then hit remove!

This is designed to help you to keep your Third-Party/Client list up-to-date.

Don’t worry, removing them doesn’t delete the associated data, it just removes their name from the table.

Third-Party Tags

Tags can now be added to Third-Parties/Clients to better help you group and maintain them.

To add a tag to a Third-Parties/Clients, click on the Third-Parties/Clients and then under Details is the tag component where you can create new tags or select previously created tags.

The tags you assign to a Third-Party/Client will be displayed in the table as well under the column named Tags.

You can also filter Third-Parties/Clients by tags by using the Tag Filter.

Bulk Import

When Bulk Importing Third-Parties/Clients, you can now import details on each of your Third-Parties/Clients.

We have provided you with a new template that can be accessed from the Import modal.

The template allows you to import criticality, risks, tags, geography and industry, as well as custom data fields.

Bulk Export

You can now also bulk export a list of your Third-Parties/Clients using the Excel Export button at the top-left of your team’s Third-Party/Client table.

Bulk Send v2

While you’ve always been able to bulk send (see here), we’ve made it better. You can now bulk send directly from the Third-Party/Client screen.

The first step is to import your Third-Parties/Clients as per the section above titled Bulk Import.

The next step is to select the Third-Parties/Clients you would like to bulk send to. You do this by using the checkboxes. Once they have been selected, click on the Action dropdown, and then hit Bulk Send.

The Bulk Send modal will then appear, and you can select the Assessment Template(s) you wish to send to the selected Third-Parties/Clients, as well as add a custom message if you’d like, which will be added to the email they receive.  

The tagging functionality described in the section above called Third-Party/Client Tags allows you to filter the Third-Party/Client by a specific tag or tags.

You can then select all (or some of) the Third-Parties/Clients associated with that tag, and then bulk send those Third-Parties/Clients an assessment.