Getting started with the 6clicks Trust Portal

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Trust Portal Overview


Create different Trust Portal profiles to control exactly what information you share to each recipient. Unlimited profiles can be created to accommodate differing third-parties/stakeholders (i.e. auditor, vendor, commercial partner).

Client Overview and Contact Details

Provide a general overview of your organisation and attach contact details to the appropriate teams or individuals

Completed Assessments

Attach recently completed assessments to display you proactiveness in compliance and risk management.

Supporting Documents

Provide any important documentation you deem useful. Each profile stores files separately.

Creating a new Trust Portal profile

1. To create a new Trust Portal Profile, click on the Profile dropdown in the top left of the screen and select Add Profile.

2. Enter in the name of your new Trust Portal profile and select the save icon.

Editing details of a Trust Portal profile

1. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the left-hand panel.

2. Add the relevant information to the Overview and Contact Details text boxes then click Save.

Adding a completed assessment

Note: You must have an internal assessment with a Completed status under the Assessments tab to be able to add it to a Trust Portal Profile.

1. Click the Add Assessment button on the right under the Completed Assessments panel.

2. Select the desired assessment/s from the drop-down menu and click Add.

If you’d like to remove an assessment from your Trust Portal profile click Remove under the desired assessment.

Adding supporting documentation

1. Select the profile you wish to associate the supporting documents to.

2. Under the Supporting Documents section is where you can upload any files related to your active Trust Portal profile.

To upload, click browse and select the relevant files; or drag and drop the files in the dotted area.

4. Your files should appear in the table located at the bottom right of the Trust Portal for quick access.

Each file shows the associated File Name, Date Uploaded and Uploaded By fields.

If you wish to download the file, simply click the File Name and a download in your respective browser should begin immediately.

Note: To delete a file, click on the bin icon in the same row.

Previewing your Trust Portal profile

1. To preview an attached assessment, click View Results under the Completed Assessments tab to see how the assessment appears.

2. The Preview function allows you to see what your profile looks like from a visitor’s perspective. Click Preview in the top right of the Trust Portal page.

3. Upon clicking, a Profile Preview window should appear on your screen.

Publishing a Trust Portal profile

When a Trust Portal profile is first created, the default status is set to Inactive. In this state, no users outside your team can access your profile.

1. To publish a profile, select the status dropdown in the top right and change the status to Live. Please note that any changes will immediately be visible to anyone with access to the Trust Portal profile.

Your trust portal can only be in two states – Inactive and Live:

Inactive – This means your profile is private. In this state, your profile cannot be shared or seen by those outside your team.

Live – A live profile can be accessed by any user who has been given access to the profile.

Sharing your Trust Portal profile

1. First, make sure to select the appropriate profile intended for your recipient.

2. Click the Share Profile button in the top right of the Trust Portal tab.

Fill in the recipient’s details, including:

– First Name

– Last Name

– Email

– Company

– Any additional comments, as needed. This will appear as a message in the email (see below for sample email).

2. Click Share when you are ready to send.

3. Congratulations! Your 6clicks Trust Portal profile has been successfully shared. The recipient should receive an email notification instantly – as pictured below.

Sample Email

This is an example of an email as seen by the recipient.

Recipients will be asked to create a FREE 6clicks account to view your shared Trust Portal profile.

Subject Line

Email Message