Bulk Sending Assessments

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Bulk sending has two major steps: 

1. Adding third-parties
2. Sending an assessment from a template

Step 1 – Adding third-parties/vendors

1. Navigate to the Third-Parties side menu item

2. Click Import on the top right of the screen

3. On clicking Import and modal will appear. This modal allows you to import a list of third-parties/vendors. To download the template, click Download template – this will download an excel document called ImportVendorTemplate

4. In the excel document, add the names of your third-parties/vendors and the contact email address. When the assessment is published, the weblink will be sent to this email address, which will provide access to the assessment

5. To import your third-parties/vendors, upload the updated template from the same modal you downloaded it from. Once uploaded, the companies will appear in your list of third-parties

Step 2 – Sending an assessment

6clicks only allows users to bulk send assessment templates

1. Navigate to Assessments > Template

2. Select the template that you want to send and navigate to the Bulk Send tab

3. Select the third-parties you wish to send the assessment to

4. Add a custom message

5. Navigate to Assessments > Template