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Creating an Asset

Select the Assets button in the left navigation panel.

Select the New Asset button in the top right

This is an example of a filled template for an asset, enter the asset details as follows:

– Title (required) – Enter the name of the asset

Owner (optional) – Select an owner from the pre-filled drop down or enter the email address of the owner

Type (optional) – Select a type from the pre-filled drop down

Third-Party (optional) – Select a Third-Party for the Asset. Refer to Client Management article on how to add third parties.

Tags (Optional) – Select a tag from the pre-filled drop down or enter a new tag, select it and then add the new tag.

Description (Optional) – Enter a description for the asset

Confidentiality (Optional) – Select the level of confidentiality (High, Medium, Low)

Integrity (Optional) – Select the level of integrity (High, Medium, Low)

Availability (Optional) – Select the level of availability (High, Medium, Low)

Select the Create Asset button in the bottom right once the details are filled in.

Afterwards, the asset should appear on the main page.