Adding an assessment (or other content) from the 6clicks Marketplace

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Read the steps below for detailed instructions:

1. Navigate to the 6clicks Marketplace tab using the top menu navigation.

2. Select or search for specific content using the search bar in the top right of the module. Otherwise, choose from a category on the left-hand side.

3. Once selected, click the Detail button on the desired assessment to see more information or purchase content. Each marketplace item has an associated picture, name and short description to help you make your ideal selection.

4. Finally, select Add Content to add a marketplace item to your account.

For free content select the Add Content option.

For paid content, the button will appear as Buy Now. After selecting Buy Now you will be navigated to the payment gateway to complete your purchase.

Once you have added the content, you will be notified by email once it is ready for use.

Each piece of content can be found under the appropriate tab in your account, based on the content type. For example, a newly downloaded assessment will appear under the Assessments tab.