Increase compliance and lower risk

Achieve a higher level of compliance and lower risk in your area of responsibility by conducting the consistent assessment of maturity across regulated entities and leveraging aggregate reporting.

Why 6clicks for Regulators?

For regulators a key factor is making it easier for regulated entities to comply with requirements, keeping pace with change and getting visibility of results. With 6clicks, you can do all this and more.

Reduce Risk

Align regulation wit and encourage sound risk management practices within regulated entities.

Increase Compliance

Identify and address key issues with clearer visibility of risk and compliance challenges.

Build Trust

Communicate requirements and see results more regularly to build trust with your stakeholders.

Designed to support your success

Place your regulation in the 6clicks Marketplace for general access or privately for regulated entities

Capture real-time aggregate data of assessment results and produce reports that provide clear visibility.

Perform assessments and comparable reassessments of maturity within regulated entities.

Ensure non-compliances are tracked and any remediation is managed in accordance with regulation.

Allow departments and agencies to access up-to-date regulations and perform up-to-date assessments.

Ensure your regulation is actively operationalised and not an annual compliance activity.

Enable independent service providers to assist departments and agencies with implementation and assessment.

Support and collaborate with your regulated entities throughout the risk and compliance lifecycle.

Supporting government standards in the 6clicks Marketplace

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