Helping your clients achieve compliance with the NSW Cyber Security Policy

Offering government departments and agencies an easy-to-use platform to assess and implement NSWCSP compliance and risk-related requirements internally and for third-parties.

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Assess your information security and ensure NSWCSP compliance

With 6clicks, you can quickly and easily perform assessments of compliance against the NSW CSP requirements.

Assessments can be undertaken by your own organisation or by working collaboratively with your preferred Service Provider. Use of a service provider can help bring independence, expert opinion and credibility to your assessments.

Designed to fulfill your NSWCSP requirements

6clicks combines assessment and management system functionality to help continually improve your team's regulatory compliance over time.

Implement an effective ISMS, according to clause 3.1 of NSWCSP requirements

Easily translate and link NSWCSP requirements with other cybersecurity frameworks

Record your sensitive information assets and risks, as well as create targeted and actionable risk and treatment plans

Report progress of control implementation, security incidents and issues, including assessment results

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Achieve NSWCSP compliance with confidence and ease

Use 6clicks to identify, manage and mitigate your exposure to cybersecurity risk profiles, and have confidence in your information security framework.