GRC Enabler

Melbourne, VIC

— Based at the 6clicks Head Office in Melbourne CBD, but working remotely for the foreseeable future

— Permanent Full-Time

6clicks Pty Ltd is committed to providing the number one global risk, compliance and cybersecurity software solution through our total operating system featuring highly effective risk management & compliance software including award winning mobile app and curated content marketplace.

Digital transformation is redefining every industry, from health, education and finance to agriculture, mining, and transport.

We believe that for new technologies to be successfully adopted and safely embedded into our way of life, we must address the issue of trustworthiness.

Organisations selling and operating these technologies must demonstrate that they have considered relevant threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. They must also demonstrate compliance to the applicable standards, laws and regulations. Each organisation must not only address these issues for itself, but across its entire supply chain.

We are on a mission to improve risk and compliance practices. By doing so, we can better connect people with technology, to ensure that this technology lives up to expectations both in terms of maximising benefits and minimising downside.

Position Summary

This role is focused on educating prospective and existing customers on the use of the 6clicks platform to solve GRC challenges. You will sometimes be working with GRC consultants from other consultancies, so you will need to be at the top of your game to effectively train the trainers on how to get the most out of the 6clicks platform.

This role requires you to be able to rapidly familiarise yourself with the software platform and effectively communicate solutions that leverage the 6clicks platform and products to a diverse range of customers. Customers could be GRC consultants at any level as well as internal GRC teams, or individuals, from a wide variety of industries.

You will be working closely with both sales and product teams. You will work with the sales team to assist with demonstrating platform capabilities, onboarding and post-sales support. You will work with the product team to learn the product, follow new product developments and contribute to the road map based on customer feedback.

You will need to have a good familiarity with cyber security as this domain is our bread and butter. As a part of which, you will have been exposed to a multitude of standards, laws and regulations. Preferably this will extend across multiple domains starting with cyber but perhaps also operational risk and risks pertinent to different sectors.

Ideally, you won’t just have advised or assessed customers during your time in GRC, you will have previously built numerous programs to achieve security, mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance so you know how to deliver the real solutions and not just talk the talk. You will need to develop deep knowledge about the 6clicks platform as you will be required to operate with hands on the platform helping customers deliver results.

Some of the activities you will be expected to help GRC consultants and teams perform include:

This is an exciting role that touches everything from product, sales and support. It is a great opportunity for someone looking to join a fast-growing, yet totally not corporate, and fast-moving Melbourne based scale-up, with massive scope for career progression and opportunity to become an integral team player at 6clicks.

Primary Responsibilities

With the support of the Product, Sales and Marketing departments, you are expected to:

We are looking for someone who...

Key Selection Criteria

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